YWCA-GCR Receives Makeover to Food Pantry from SEFCU’s Renovate That! Team published September 15, 2016

YWCA of the Greater Capital Region, Inc. received a makeover to their Food Pantry courtesy of SEFCU’s Renovate That! Team.  Volunteers from SEFCU spent two days re-organizing and painting, transforming the space that provides emergency food to approximately 100 households per month.

With the addition of fresh coats of vibrant and welcoming colors to the walls, waiting benches with pullout crates filled with children’s booksbeautiful décor and creative signage; the renovation created a more welcoming environment for the individuals and families utilizing YWCA-GCR’s Food Pantry.  The welcoming environment and added educational resources create a more comfortable experience and keeps children engaged as parents can read to them while waiting for their food packages.

This ultimately improves on the quality of our services as our volunteers feel less pressured to rush through each pantry order and are able to engage in conversation with those they are serving.  When people are more comfortable asking for help, they are more likely to share other needs they may have and our volunteers can guide them to appropriate YWCA-GCR staff or community resources.

Words cannot express how grateful YWCA-GCR is to have had SEFCU’s Renovate That! Team transform our food pantry for a greater experience for those we serve,” said Daquetta Jones, Executive Director, YWCA of the Greater Capital Region.  “SEFCU has supported YWCA-GCR’s food pantry for years and increased their level of support last year with a $15,000 donation to expand our food pantry and community meal services.  YWCA-GCR being selected as a SEFCU Renovate That! recipient is a priceless gift.  Look what dedication, support, talent, giving hearts and time can do in just two days!  The volunteers demonstrated their passion through their smiles, laughter, creativity and hard work.  Thank you, SEFCU for your continued support, time, hard work, creativity and dedication to making the experience for those we serve at YWCA-GCR’s Food Pantry more welcoming and engaging.

YWCA food pantry program provides a tremendous service to individuals and families who struggle with hunger or food insecurity,” said Michael J. Castellana, SEFCU president and CEO. “By unleashing some of SEFCU’s most creative volunteers in the food pantry space, we were able to help create a brighter environment that is even more welcoming and a dignified experience to those who visit it,” continued Castellana.  YWCA-GCR Food Pantry, being open four days a week, provides a three-day (nine meals) food package to YWCA-GCR residents, as well as community residents residing in the Greater Capital Region.

SEFCU recognizes that purposeful philanthropy is giving time, talent, and treasureThe Renovate That! Circle is designed to make a measurable difference by renovating spaces within our not-for-profit community to enhance service delivery. YWCA-GCR was chosen when SEFCU learned about the long amounts of time that consumers had to wait in line for food at the pantry.

Both residents and community members have shared a great deal of positive feedback and have expressed how nice YWCA-GCR’s Food Pantry looks, how much more comfortable it is waiting to be served and how it is less stressful when their children are with them now because they have something to engage them.